everything you need to know about wine, alcohol & your health

Author: Joe Moscato

Alcohol and WineIn France it is very common that people eat high calorie foods like wine, cheese and crackers, exercise very little, and never gain a single pound. The reason behind this phenomenon is the two to three glasses of red wine per day that they drink with meals. This became known as the French Paradox when it was coined in 1991 on 60 Minutes.

In a nutshell, the French Paradox describes how the French people eat a relatively high level of heart-stopping, artery-clogging saturated fats (cheese, salami, etc.), smoke unfiltered cigarettes, and exercise very little, yet they have one of the lowest heart attack rates in the world.

Health Benefits of WineThe research done by 60 Minutes showed that there was a direct correlation between drinking red wine and having very low cholestoral rates, which resulted in an incredibly low rate of heart attacks in the country. This discovery unleasehed a red >wine club mania that has kept red wine in high demand ever since that discovery in 1991.

how wine keeps you so healthy

Author: Joe Moscato

Alcohol and Health Benefits of WineRecent science has proven that wine inhibits the growth of microorganisms that cause many of mans' diseases. Because of its alcoholic and acidic content, these microorganisms simply die in the presence of red or white wine.

In the last 20 years we've seen huge growth in wine consumption in the United States thanks to the now proven benefits of wine.

This has resulted in further investment in vineyards around the world making it very easy to find award winning wines. Some of the best wine clubs available now ship gold and silver medal winning wines that are aimed to please the pallate as well as providing a proven health benefit.

how to choose wine gifts

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wine club coupon codes

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Pouring a nice glass of merlot wineWhen you do give a wine club as a gift this year, be sure to use one of the many coupon codes available online that ensure you never pay full price. Here's where you can find these wine club coupon codes:

- Cellars Wine Club Coupon Codes
- California Wine Club Coupon Codes
- Gold Medal Wine Club Coupon Codes
- Uncorked Ventures Coupon Codes

Don't forget that wine club coupon codes expire on a regular basis, just like most coupon codes do for all major vendors. So, if the wine club coupon code you use doesn't work, be sure to try the next one on the list or contact the owner of the wine club review site that provided the coupon code. Our favorite is the Wine Club Directory which you can find at http://www.wineclubdirectory.net.

Other sources of coupon codes we find reliable are those featured on the wien club's actual Facebook or Twitter page. Cheers to saving money on your next wine club purchase!